Lead-Based Paint Testing

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A lead-based paint inspection is a surface-by-surface investigation to determine whether there is lead-based paint in the home and where it is located. An inspection may be particularly useful before renovation, repainting, or paint removal.

Using the most advanced techniques and equipment available today, our certified inspectors will conduct a professional inspection of your property or properties.


Our Inspection Includes

An inventory of all painted surfaces,including the outside as well as the inside of the home. Painted surfaces’ include all surfaces coated with paint,
shellac, varnish, stain, coating, or even paint covered wallpaper.

  • Certified Inspectors

  • Fast Response. Inspections Done Usually Within a Week.

  • Testing of all areas

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • High-quality testing devices

  • Affordable-Get a Quote Over the Phone!

  • Multi-Unit Discounts for Landlords/Property Mgmt.

NJDCA Lead  evaluation contractor performs evaluations on residential & public buildings.

Inspector/Risk Assessor will provide an on-site investigation to determine the presence, type, severity, and location of lead-based paint hazards.

Know what you are buying before you invest your hard-earned money. Our inspectors will provide you with the valuable information you need at make informed decisions.