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Why Your Family Day Care Needs a Lead Paint Inspection Today

In order to keep your Philadelphia-area child day care running, you must renew your license each year, and a new law impacts the process of doing so for 2018. In 2016, Philadelphia City Council passed a new law (Bill No. 160609) requiring all family child day care businesses to receive a lead certification in order [...]

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Lead Dust In a Lead-Free Home?

There are dozens of neighborhoods in Philadelphia which, when built back in the early to mid 1900 s where painted inside with lead-based paint. This is a well-known fact by now which is well documented with many horror stories recently of children stricken with lead poisoning. There's something you should know about lead poisoning even [...]

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What Does Philadelphia’s Lead Paint Law Mean to Landlords?

Lead paint poisoning is especially dangerous for children.  Because of this, Philadelphia enacted a new law in 2012 that forced anyone (landlords, property management companies) who rented houses or apartments in Philadelphia, built before 1978 to have the property inspected for lead paint and certified as lead-safe or lead-free, before it could be rented to any [...]

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Landlord Responsibilities According to Philadelphia’s Lead Paint Law

The city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, passed a law in 2012 that was designed to help protect children from being poisoned by lead paint.  Tenants and landlords both have responsibilities to follow as stated by the law. Lead Safe Certificate-Lead Free Certificate All landlords must have rental properties which were built before 1978 inspected by a [...]

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Lead-Safe Certification for Philadelphia Landlords

What is a Lead Safe Certificate? If you own or manage rental properties in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a lead safe certificate is something you need to know about.  New laws in this area state that you must have all properties inspected for lead paint before you rent them to families with children, aged 6 and under. [...]

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How Do Children Get Lead Poisoning?

How Can Children be Exposed to Lead Paint? Lead paint can be found in homes built prior to 1978 when the use of lead paint was finally banned in the United States. Therefore, Even renovated homes may still have lead paint in them. Imported toys may have lead paint. Imported furniture may also contain lead [...]

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Lead Paint Problems in Philadelphia

Are you preparing to move into new home are apartment? If it was built prior to 1978, you'll want to ask the seller or the landlord to provide proof the environment is free of lead-based paint. Not all landlords are yet in compliance with the lead paint certification laws in Philadelphia. This is largely because [...]

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Lead Paint Testing-Philadelphia

Philadelphia is faced with a significant problem involving the lead contamination of paint in older homes throughout the city. This can pose a problem for property owners who are required by law to have homes inspected to ensure tenant safety. Dangers of Lead Exposure in Philadelphia Properties-Testing for Lead Exposure to lead in paint can [...]

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Bay Hill Environmental, LLC performs on-site, certified lead paint testing for all types of residential and public buildings.We are fully certified by the New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services and The Philadelphia Dept. of Labor & Industry.

Bay Hill Environmental, LLC is a NJDCA Lead Evaluation Contractor (Cert#00432E) and a PA State Licensed Lead Paint Risk Assessor (Cert#003619).