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Keep your family safe

Lead from paint, especially peeling or flaking paint, can get into dust and soil in and around a home. Young children may then swallow the lead during normal hand-to-mouth activity.

In addition, an unborn child may be exposed to lead in the mother’s womb. High levels of lead in the fetus and in children age six and younger have been linked to nervous system damage, behavior and learning problems, and slow growth. Testing can tell you whether there is lead-based paint or a lead based paint hazard in your home.

For the health sake of you and your family, it’s important not to leave the possibility that lead-based paints exists in your property. Gain piece of mind with a complete test from Bay Hill Environmental, LLC.

Notice from the state concerning lead-base paint

Recently you might of received a letter from the state of New Jersey in regard to the Lead Hazard Control Assistance Act. If you own a multi-family property in the State of New Jersey and it was built before 1978, your property may fall under the Lead Hazard Control Assistance Act. Regulations from the Act may apply to all or portions of your property.

The regulations from this Act will be enforced every 5 years with a Department of Community Affairs inspection of your property.

It’s possible that your property may be exempt from these regulations. One of the ways your property is exempt is to receive a Lead Free Certificate from a New Jersey Certified Lead Evaluation firm. Bay Hill Environmental, LLC can provide that Certificate after a LEAD-FREE inspection of your property.

Bay Hill Environmental, LLC performs on-site, certified lead paint testing for all types of residential and public buildings.We are fully certified by the New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services and The Philadelphia Dept. of Labor & Industry.

Bay Hill Environmental, LLC is a NJDCA Lead Evaluation Contractor (Cert#00432E) and a PA State Licensed Lead Paint Risk Assessor (Cert#003619).