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Salem County has the smallest population in New Jersey, but it also has a rich history dating back to the early Quaker settlement in the 17th century. The Old Salem County Courthouse is the oldest active courthouse in the state, built in 1735. The county features a wealth of Quaker architecture and masonry that harkens back to its long history.

The Dangers of Lead-Based Paint in Your Salem County Home

With so many historic buildings located throughout Salem County, it’s no surp

salem county lead testing

rise that many homes and apartments probably have underlying layers of paint that were applied prior to the outlawing of lead-based paint in 1978. This law was enacted after evidence came to light showing that exposure to lead paint was very harmful, especially to children.

The CDC has determined that no amount of exposure to lead paint is safe. In children under six years of age and unborn babies, it is particularly dangerous, as it can lead to neurological damage, developmental and learning disabilities, and other problems. 

Why You Need to Test Your Salem County Property for Lead Paint

Starting in 1992, the EPA and HUD were required to disclose any information 

about lead-based paint in homes that were going up for sale or lease. In the years since then, some major cities, including Philadelphia, which is near Salem County, have begun requiring landlords to undergo lead paint testing before renting out homes or apartments to families with young children. 

Luckily, whether you’re a homeowner or a property manager in Salem County, it’s easy to ensure that your home or apartment is safe for anyone to live in. All you have to do is call Bay Hill Environmental. Our certified technicians are the best in the South Jersey area at testing for any layers of lead paint, as well as the lead dust that could form as older layers begin to flake during renovations and repairs. 

Contact Bay Hill Environmental for Lead Testing Services in Salem County

At Bay Hill Environmental, we offer efficient, affordable, and effective lead paint testing services and certification. Contact us here, or give us a call at 215-284-0086 for a free quote or to schedule your inspection, and ensure you are always in compliance with any regulations, or just able to keep your family safe.