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The Roxborough is a lovely place in which to call home. The area includes shopping and dining options as well as a community park with the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor hike. Homes in the area tend to be on the older side, providing a unique charm and style. Because the homes are older, property owners of Roxborough are advised to schedule lead-based paint testing. Lead-based paint can be toxic and lead to major health concerns, especially in children. Whether you are a landlord renting your property or a new homeowner in the area, have your property tested to ensure a safe environment.

A Landlord’s Guide to the Philadelphia Lead Disclosure and Certification Law

Get a Certified Lead Paint Test in Roxborough

A lead paint test can usually be done within 2 business days (sometimes same-day service if we have a tech in your area). It’s cheaper than you think and definitely worth the peace of mind.

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Most homeowners have heard of lead-based paint but have no idea really why the paint is considered toxic. Lead-based paint becomes toxic to humans when it enters the bloodstream. In adults, exposure to lead-based paint over time can lead to health issues, even the dust from old lead-based paint. In children, the effects are even more damaging. In small children, they are affected in the brain and other organs. During the developmental stages, a child can be affected by lead paint by developing permanent learning disabilities.

The Bay Hill Environmental Lead Paint Testing Process

At Bay Hill Environmental, we take every precaution to ensure your home is tested correctly and find any lead-based paint that may be present. We use an XRF gun to locate lead paint. This high-tech gun can detect lead-based paint on walls, even if they have been painted over several times. If lead paint is detected, special wipes are then used to remove a sample of the dust. This sample is tested in a lab to check for lead-based paint content.

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Check the Safety of Your Home

Whether you are renting out your home or just living in the Roxboro area, it is a good idea to have your home tested for lead-based paint. Let our experts at Bay Hill Environmental assist you with the proper testing methods. Give our experts a call at 215-284-0086 to find out more and to schedule an appointment.