Lead Testing in Chester County, PA 

Lead Paint Inspections Service in Philadelphia & South Jersey

map of chester countyAccording to the web site for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the governor has ordered steps be taken to test more children in Pennsylvania for lead exposure. The governor’s order is in response to the low percentage of children who are being tested for lead exposure now. Pennsylvania has the third highest number of homes in the nation that have lead-based paint. Lead-based paint is a major source of lead exposure to children under six years of age, because they can be at risk of lead exposure through crawling on floors, playing in soil with high concentrations of lead dust or chewing peeling lead-based paint. In Chester County, around 60 percent of the homes were built prior to the year, 1978, in which lead-based paint was banned.

Lead Dust and Paint Chipping in Chester County

In Chester County, the Department of Health has a protocol in order to reduce the exposure of young children to lead-based paint dust and peeling paint chips. If a child is found to have a high exposure to lead, the county will inspect the child’s residence. If the home is found to have dust or peeling paint that contains a certain level of lead, a warning is posted on the home and a certified letter is sent to the homeowner. The homeowner then has 30 days in order to submit to the county a written plan for removal of the lead hazards. This plan must conform to federal, state, local, HUD, and EPA guidelines. In addition, if the occupant of the home at the time the county’s lead warning was posted vacates the building, the county will not allow any other occupant to reside in the building until the lead exposure hazard has been cleared and the work approved by the county.

Certified Lead Paint Inspection

Bay Hill Environmental provides certified lead paint inspection services in the Chester County area and the greater Philadelphia area. We also provide certified lead paint inspection in South Jersey. Bayhill provides lead certificate services, such as Lead-Free and Lead-Safe certifications.. These services meet the criteria specified by the Chester County lead hazard abatement rules. We can provide a quote right over the phone. Please fill out our online contact form. You will find we often provide same-day or next-day service. We serve home buyers, real estate investors, landlords, property management firms, and remodeling contractors.