Why Test for Lead-Based Paint?

A Notice For Landlords & Homeowners in Philadelphia & South Jersey

Who Should Test For Lead-Based Paint?

There are numerous reasons why you want to test your home for lead-based paints.

Rental Property Owners seeking exemption from the State of New Jersey Lead Hazard Control Assistance Act or in need of document ion for insurance, financing, or other reasons.

Current Home Owners that are considering renovation, remodeling, or demolition work that would disturb painted surfaces and may generate lead dust hazards. Or home owners desiring specific information about lead-based paint.

Perspective Home Buyers that are considering purchasing a property – specifically if the property was built prior to 1978.


  • Realtors®, Remodelers, Contractors, Buyers and Sellers, be aware that there are new guidelines for homes built all the way to 1982 for lead-based paint.
  • Lead-based paint stopped production in 1978, but there were homes using these products all the way into 1982. As of April this year, Contractors will be required to test to see if any home built 1982 or before has lead-based paint. They will take a sample of the paint to determine if there ls lead-based paint. If so, there are certain steps that must be taken to remove paint in such properties.
  • Be aware that there is a $30,000 fine associated with this for persons who violate this new Federal law.