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Lead Paint Inspection Service in the Quakertown Borough of Bucks County, PA

Quakertown is a borough located in the heart of beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1803, the town was settled by members of the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers. It sits in close proximity to major cities – to the north of Philadelphia and to the west of New York City.

Bay Hill Environmental is a licensed Lead Paint Inspection service. We inspect Quakertown homes and yards for Lead-based Paint (LBP) and provide Lead-Free and Lead-Safe certifications. We service homeowners, investors, landlords, and property management companies in Bucks County, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Bay Hill Environmental inspectors are in the Quakertown area nearly every day so we can almost always inspect your property the same day or the next business day. A price quote is available right over the phone.

Quakertown Rental Properties Must be Lead-Safe or Lead-Free Certified

Anyone who owns rental property in Quakertown that was built before March of 1978 must have that property certified lead-safe or lead-free. The regulations outlining this certification are a part of Chapter 6-800 and Chapter PM-102.0 of the Philadelphia City Code. The city council passed a bill amending these specific chapters to include regulations about lead paint and certification requirements in 2011. These regulations affect all landlords, property managers, and anyone else who rents multi-unit dwellings.

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How Bay Hill Environmental Can Help Your Bucks County Home

If you own older property in Bucks County and plan on renting it out, you need to make certain a trustworthy expert has certified it as lead-safe. The professionals here at Bay Hill Environmental can assist you with this. The home and land are inspected with a special XRF Gun which identifies the presence of lead, even if it’s buried beneath coats and coats of paint!

Water and Soil Testing Service

Lead can also contaminate the soil and water. In older neighborhoods where lead-based paint was used routinely decades ago, dust and rubble from demolished buildings are the most common source of contaminated soil and water.

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Call Bay Hill to Give You Peace of Mind

Why should you test your home or apartment for lead-based paint? 

If your home was built prior to March of 1978, you may wish to have the paint tested for your own peace of mind. Even if you don’t plan on selling or renting out the property anytime soon, it can still pose a danger to you and your family. Children 6 years old or younger who are exposed to lead paint are much more likely to develop learning disabilities.

Don’t put your children at risk, especially when affordable testing services are available in Quakertown. Call us today at 215-284-0086 or click here to contact us to request a quote or make an appointment.

Bay Hill Environmental, LLC performs on-site, certified lead paint testing for all types of residential and public buildings.We are fully certified by the New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services and The Philadelphia Dept. of Labor & Industry.

Bay Hill Environmental, LLC is a NJDCA Lead Evaluation Contractor (Cert#00432E) and a PA State Licensed Lead Paint Risk Assessor (Cert#003619).