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Fishtown, Philadelphia, got its name from the fishing industry. The neighborhood is situated around the Delaware River, and many immigrants from Germany settled in the area and purchased the shad fishing rights to work the area. While it’s been known for fishing for decades, today Fishtown is becoming known for something much more insidious: lead poisoning. This dangerous substance can poison children and lead to a number of learning disabilities. Now, lawmakers have passed regulations that help protect children from the ravages of lead poisoning due to lead-based paint.

Certified Lead Paint Inspections Are a Requirement

lead inspection service in Fishtown, Philadelphia

Most Fishtown properties were built prior to 1978 which means the interiors may have been painted with lead-based paint…now considered a serious health hazard.

In 2011, the city council and mayor of Philadelphia signed into law new requirements for lead paint testing in residences built prior to March of 1978. All landlords must have documentation showing that the property they are renting out has been certified lead-safe or lead-free by a certified lead inspection service. All of these regulations are listed in the city code under Chapter 6-800 and PM-102.0. Those who do not have their rental properties certified may face fines and have their Philadelphia rental license revoked.

Why Lead Paint Is a Danger

Lead paint is dangerous because it can actually seep into the bloodstream of anyone who regularly comes into contact with lead-based paint. While lead poisoning is harmful to anyone, regardless of age, it’s especially dangerous to young children. When a child age six or younger comes into contact with lead paint on even a semi-regular basis, it can damage their organs and lead to a number of learning disabilities. It can even cause brain damage.

Trust Bayhill Environmental to Test Your Lead Paint

Why should you have your property tested for lead?

Landlords in Fishtown need to be aware of what’s in the paint used on their rental properties. Even if they have repainted, if the property is fairly old, it’s possible there is lead paint buried under coats of other paint. Even buried, it’s still dangerous.

Bay Hill Environmental is one of the leading names in lead paint testing. Our experts respond as quickly as possible to every call. In many cases, we can actually test the paint the same day you call. We don’t want to put anyone at risk, which is why we pride ourselves on offering affordable, fast lead inspection services to Fishtown residents.

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