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XRF Gun for lead paint testing

Testing for lead in paint and water is a necessity in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Lead-based paints were not banned until 1978. Therefore, homes, apartment buildings, schools, churches, and commercial properties build more than 40 years ago, could contain lead based paint

Lead Paint Testing, Inspections, and Certifications

In Philadelphia, Bayhill Environmental has been the fast and reliable lead paint inspection service. Bayhill provides 3 services:

  1. Lead-Safe Inspections: Lead-Safe means there is no evidence of the presence of lead dust on any surfaces such as walls, window sills, stairs, floors, or banisters. This inspection is done with specially treated dust wipes which are sent to a lab for evaluation. Passing a Lead-Safe Inspection is a temporary condition. Why? Because if lead exists under coats of paint, it may someday surface and disintegrate causing a health hazard. A Lead-Safe Certificate, in Philadelphia, must be renewed periodically (every 2 years as of this post).
  2. Lead-Free Inspections: A Lead-Free Certification is a permanent certification. Once a property is determined to be free of lead-based paint (by a licensed and certified environmental risk assessor) a lead-free certificate which is issues. A Lead-Free inspection is a bit more involved and therefore a bit more expensive, BUT, if the property is lead-free, this is the best inspection because the property need never need inspection again. Bayhill Environmental is equipped for either type of inspection.
  3. Testing Water for Lead. Bayhill Environmental also tests water for lead content.

Learn more about the difference between Lead-Free and Lead-Safe Certifications and services. CLICK HERE.

Bayhill Environmental is fast and affordable. Most lead inspections are performed the same or next business day after they’re ordered. We are a preferred client at the labs we use so results come back fast as do your Lead-Safe or Lead-Free Certificates.

For fast, friendly, affordable, and competent lead paint and water testing in Philadelphia and its suburbs, call Bayhill Environmental.

Bay Hill Environmental, LLC performs on-site, certified lead paint testing for all types of residential and public buildings.We are fully certified by the New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services and The Philadelphia Dept. of Labor & Industry.

Bay Hill Environmental, LLC is a NJDCA Lead Evaluation Contractor (Cert#00432E) and a PA State Licensed Lead Paint Risk Assessor (Cert#003619).