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Philadelphia is rich in American. Founded in 1682, Philadelphia has many amazing historic buildings and homes. Unfortunately, while these structures may look great, some of these older houses are hiding a dark secret: the interiors contain lead based paint. If you own or rent a property in Philadelphia built prior to 1978, you need to to have a Certified lead paint testing service come for an inspection.

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Testing for Lead Based Paint in Philadelphia

Many people don’t realize that the home they’re living in or renting to others contains lead paint. Any house built before 1978 may contain this substance, which can be very dangerous to children. Any child, age six or younger who breathes in any paint dust containing lead may develop a number of health issues, including permanent brain damage and learning disabilities.

Because of this, the Philadelphia city council passed a law in 2011 that required all landlords who owned one of these older homes and was renting to a family with children to have the property certified either lead-free or lead-safe. To learn the difference between Lead-Free and Lead-Safe Certification, CLICK HERE.

A Certified Lead Paint Testing Service in Philadelphia

If you’re in need of a certified testing service in the Philadelphia area, call Bay Hill Environmental. Our team has all of the necessary equipment to test your home quickly and affordably. We’ll schedule your property’s test as soon as possible. Once there, we use special detectors to determine if lead paint is present in the walls and will collect dust samples to test in our lab.

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Philadelphia’s Lead Paint Testing Law

To protect the health and welfare of residents (and children in particular), the City of Philadelphia has created new laws regarding mandatory lead testing on rental properties. The specifics of the laws can be found on the city’s Public Health page on their website.