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Juniata Park is a mostly Hispanic neighborhood located in North Philadelphia. The crime rate in Juniata Park has steadily increased over the years, leaving many residents concerned about the threats that come from outside their homes. However, few realize that there’s also a danger found within their homes: lead paint can be found in a number of the houses in this area, and it presents a very real danger.

New Regulations Protect Residents in Juniata Park from Lead Paint

Philadelphia lead based paint inspection and testing service

A majority of homes in the Juniata Park section of Philadelphia were built when lead-based paint was commonly used in residences.

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Property owners who want to rent out their property in Juniata Park are now required by law to have that property certified lead-free or lead-safe. This certification is outlined in the city code under Chapters 6-800 and PM-102.0. These regulations were passed in December of 2011.

Under these new regulations, any property that was built before March 1978 must be certified to be lead-free or lead-safe before the landlord can rent it out. Potential homebuyers may also ask that the seller have this certification before they purchase the property.

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Why Is Lead Testing Required?

Why should you test your home or apartment for lead based paint? 

Lead testing is required because of the danger it represents. Being near lead paint for a good amount of time can result in lead entering a person’s bloodstream. It can then lead to a number of health conditions. In children who are age six or younger, being around lead paint can actually lead to organ damage and learning disabilities.

What Bay Hill Environmental Can Do for You


If your property hasn’t been certified or if you’re uncertain about the amount of lead in the paint in your home, Bay Hill Environmental is here to assist you with all of your lead testing. Our team uses XRF guns that can identify lead even if there are multiple coats of paint over it. If there is, we can use special wipes to determine if lead dust is present in the home. In many cases, our team can come inspect your property the day you call us, and even if that’s not possible, we’ll be able to do an inspection within a day or two.

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