Fast Lead Paint Testing in Philadelphia and South Jersey

Lead Paint Inspections Service in Philadelphia & South Jersey

Certified lead paint inspection service

When you need lead inspection FAST, Bayhill Environmental is your best choice. We have certified testing personnel in the field every day which means we can often provide same-day or next-day service at no extra charge.

Quick Lead Testing Service in Philadelphia and South Jersey

We have the City of Philadelphia covered in order to serve property investors, landlords, and homeowners, who need to have a lead paint inspection done quickly. Our team of seasoned professionals provide a thorough inspection using the best and most efficient and high-tech equipment available.

We test the walls, woodwork, stairways, handrails,  floors, window sills, and floors. There can be any of 3 outcomes:

  1. The property is considered Lead-Free. Lead-Free is a permanent status and a certification of such status means the property need never be inspected again. Lead-Free status is transferable to future owners
  2. The property is considered Lead-Safe. This means we have found evidence of lead based paint on painted surfaces in the property but it’s not a danger because it’s not decaying to the point where it’s causing lead laden dust. Lead-Safe is NOT a permanent status because the paint could eventually decay or otherwise be disturbed which could cause chipping and flaking.
  3. The property is considered unsafe. In this case, it would be illegal to rent the property to anyone with young children (refer to the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health website or your attorney for guidance in this case).

Who Needs a Lead Inspection Fast?

Landlords and Property Management firms are often in need of a lead paint inspection fast because they have a new tenant ready to move into a rental unit and a Lead-Safe or a Lead-Free Certification is necessary prior to move-in.

Home buyers nowadays want to know if the home they’re considering is free of lead paint so either they order a lead inspection or demand it of the seller. We usually find these inspections are of an urgent nature and need to be done quickly. And we also hear from young couples who have just found out they’ve got a baby coming soon. These folks are often in a rush to know if their home or apartment are safe from the ravages of toxic lead dust caused by old coats of lead based paint.

Call or reach us on our Contact Page today to get your property inspected for lead fast.