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Rhawnhurst, a small neighborhood located in the Northeastern part of Philadelphia, wasn’t developed until the baby boom after World War II. During the 1960s, many new homes were built in this area. Because of their age, though, these homes do have some difficulties. One of the biggest dangers these houses contain is the chance that lead paint was used when they were built. This type of paint poses a major risk to those who rent or purchase a home, especially if they have young children.

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The Laws Regarding Lead-Based Paint Certification in Rhawnhurst

The Philadelphia city council and mayor worked together to pass new regulations in 2011 that outlined which houses needed to be tested for lead paint. These amendments to the city code stated that anyone who was renting out property to a family with children age six or younger was required to show that the home was lead-free or lead-safe if the house was built before March of 1978. Since many of these homes were, they do often require this certification.

Note that homes do not have to be lead-free in order to be lived in. Lead-free homes have no lead in the walls, nor do they have lead dust. Lead-safe homes, though, may have evidence of lead in the walls, but it’s not a danger. To learn the difference between Lead-Free and Lead-Safe Certification, CLICK HERE.

Why is Lead a Danger to Those in Rhawnhurst?

Lead is a danger to anyone because it is toxic to humans. In young children, though, it presents a unique health risk. Prior to age six, the human brain continues to develop. If exposed to lead at this young age, the brain may not develop as it should. This can result in permanent brain damage and learning difficulties. Lead can also affect the other organs in the body, causing other health issues as well.

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