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Lead-Based Paint in the Elkins Park Section of Philadelphia

Elkins Park is a great place to call home if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet still be surrounded by the diversity that downtown Philadelphia offers. It boasts a vibrant culture, and many celebrities and world leaders call it home.

Unfortunately, in recent years, Elkins Park has also become known for something else:  lead poisoning. A vast majority of homes in the Elkins Park section of Philadelphia were built before 1978, when the use of harmful lead-based paint was finally banned.

The dust which occurs as a result of chipping, flaking the disturbing this aging paint is highly dangerous, especially to young children. Recent laws have helped decrease this danger, but homeowners and landlords need to be aware of what’s required.

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Lead-Safe or Lead-Free Certifications Are Required in Elkins Park

In 2011, the Philadelphia city council recognized the danger that lead paint presents. It can cause health damage to people even when not exposed on a regular basis.

Children age 6 or under are especially in danger. That’s because lead paint can cause damage to their organs and blood. Young children may even develop brain damage and learning disabilities if they’re exposed to lead-based paint.

The new regulations put in place in 2011 require that any landlord who is renting out property built before March of 1978 must have a certified lead inspection done before tenants can move in. This inspection tests all of the painted surfaces in the property and determines if there is the presence of lead-based paint, and if there is any active lead dust.

To learn the difference between Lead-Free and Lead-Safe Certification, CLICK HERE.

Bayhill Environmental is Here for Property Owners and Tenants

Property owners in Elkins Park need to contact a reputable lead testing company. In the Philadelphia area, Bayhill Environmental is that company. We’re here to assist homeowners, landlords, and tenants with all of their lead testing needs. Even if you’re not planning on renting out your home to anyone, you may still want to have the paint tested to ensure your own safety.

If your home was built before 1978 and you have children, you want to make certain that they are safe. Don’t risk you or your family’s health when all it takes is one quick phone call to set up an inspection.

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Even if you’ve repainted recently, there still may be lead paint lurking deep down within your walls.

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