Lead Paint Inspection Service in South Philadelphia

Lead Paint Inspections Service in Philadelphia & South Jersey

Colorful South Philadelphia is known for its Irish and Italian communities. It is one of Philly’s most culturally diverse neighborhoods. In recent years, South Philadelphia is becoming known for the presence of poisonous lead, which comes from the city’s older homes that are in disrepair or that have been demolished.

Fortunately, city officials have been stepping up to create laws and regulations around South Philadelphia to protect citizens from this serious issue. A recent article, entitled Lawmakers demand action on Philly’s lead-paint scourge can be read in its entirety on the Philly.com website.

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Certified Lead Paint Inspections Now Required In South Philadelphia

Many homes in South Philadelphia are riddled with lead. Landlords are now required to have their properties (those build prior to 1978) inspected by a certified lead paint inspection service to determine if their units are safe from the hazard of lead paint; crucial when renting to any family with a child age 6 or under. Lead in the blood is toxic to any person. However, it ravages the blood and organs of young children and can cause any number of organ damage including brain damage. The biggest danger is to children whose brains and organs are still in their primary development stages, so this makes them especially susceptible to permanent damage.

Testing for Lead in South Philadelphia and the Inspection and Certification Process

Our firm, Bayhill Environmental, provides testing for both lead-safe and lead-free certifications.  Neither is expensive and both can be done very quickly. We can often inspect a property the same or next business day.

The home and land are inspected with a special XRF Gun which identifies the presence of lead, even if it’s buried beneath coats and coats of paint. If the inspection results on a positive discovery of the presence of lead, the next stage of the inspection is is to learn if there’s any evidence of active lead dust in the environment. For this, we use specially treated dust wipes on various surfaces of the dwelling. These wipes are sent to a lab for analysis.

If no lead dust is present on the wipes, the dwelling qualifies for a Lead-Safe Certification. Lead-Safe is NOT a permanent status. The dwelling must be reinspected in 2 years if the unit is to be rented to another family. The certification remains in good standing for the duration of the tenant’s stay, even after 2 years.

If the dust wipes come back showing a positive presence of lead dust, the property cannot acquire a lead-safe status.

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Lead-Free Inspection in South Philadelphia

GOOD NEWS!  Lead-Free is a permanent status. When we have inspected the walls, floors, doors, and trim of the entire dwelling and found no presence of lead, the property qualifies for a Lead-Free Certification, which is a lifetime status!