Lead Paint Inspection Service in the Lansdale Area of Montgomery County

Lead Paint Inspections Service in Philadelphia & South Jersey

The borough of Lansdale in northern Montgomery County is a major commuter town outside of Philadelphia, serving thousands of residents daily using the SEPTA Main Line train service. The town is densely populated, and growing all the time.

That means that there are always homes needed for people to live in Lansdale, and especially for renters, many of these residences are in houses, condos, or apartments that were built prior to 1978. On the surface that may not seem like a big deal, but it is when you consider that 1978 is the year that the federal government outlawed the use of lead-based paint on all interior surfaces.

Why Lead Paint Testing is Important

Because lead-based paint was used for so long prior to those regulations, it still exists in many residential and commercial buildings, especially in the Philadelphia area, which is home to many historic properties. The CDC has warned about the dangers of lead-based paint for years, finding that it can lead to severe neurological and developmental problems, especially in young children and unborn babies.

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Those warnings led the Philadelphia City Council to amend the city code in 2011, enacting regulations for lead paint testing on older properties in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. These rules require anyone who owns a rental property that was built prior to 1978, to undergo lead paint testing and certification before renting to tenants.

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Affordable Lead Testing Services in Lansdale

Ideally, your lead paint testing will produce one of two results. A lead-free certification is the best possible outcome – this means that no lead paint is present in the home or apartment at all, and testing will never be required again. Alternatively, a lead-safe certification means that while there is a presence of lead paint, there is no active lead dust detected. This certification will require retesting and renewal every two years, or between tenants.

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