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Lead Paint Inspections Service in Philadelphia & South Jersey

Located in the northwestern corner of Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill is a beautiful area of the city, offering historic neighborhoods, shopping, antiques, and dining. The walkability of the area is part of its charm and a main reason why families move to the area. If you live in Chestnut Hill or considering purchasing a home in this region of Philadelphia, you will find that the neighborhood has homes that range in style from row houses to mansions. Most of the homes are quite old, which leads to the need for lead paint testing. Older homes were often painted with lead-based paint, a paint that is now considered toxic and a danger in the home.

Certified Lead Testing in Chestnut Hill

The Philadelphia City Council passed a measure in 2011 that amended two portions of the city code regarding lead paint testing. Now, landlords and property managers, along with anyone else who wishes to rent their home must have the property tested for lead paint if it was built before 1978. Chapter 6-800 and Chapter PM-102.0 now requires such testing and certification has to be renewed every two years* if the home is rented to another individual. While this is required of rented properties, homeowners living in an older Chestnut Hill can benefit from testing as well.

*When a dwelling is certified as Lead-Free, it needs never to be tested again in the future.

Lead paint testing-Philadelphia-New Jersey

This is an XRF Gun which detects the presence of lead even under multiple coats of paint.

A Landlord’s Guide to the Philadelphia Lead Disclosure and Certification Law, click here to read.

Lead Testing Fast

Bayhill Environmental usually provides lead paint testing fast, which means within 1 business day. If we have a licensed and certified lead based paint testing professional in your area when you call, we can usually test your property the same day. Once you’ve decided you need a lead paint test, you want to get it done quickly. Fast service is our specialty.

Why Test the Home for Lead Paint?

It is so important to have an older home tested for lead paint for a number of reasons. When lead-based paint enters the bloodstream, it becomes toxic. Adults exposed to this paint type or dust from the paint can have health issues over time. Young children are in grave danger from lead paint as their brains can be affected during their formative years. Exposure to lead paint or lead paint dust can lead to brain development issues in young children and permanent learning disabilities in the future.

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Let Bay Hill Environmental Provide Lead-Based Paint Testing in Chestnut Hill

At Bay Hill Environmental, we want to help ensure that your home is free of lead-based paint. We use high-tech equipment to detect if lead paint is in the home. An XRF gun is used to locate lead paint. The XRF gun will be able to detect lead paint even if the walls of the home have been painted over several times. If such paint is detected, a special wipe is used to gather dust from the home and then these wipes are tested in a laboratory setting. If lead paint is discovered in the home, it is not certified as a lead-safe dwelling.

Ensure a Safe and Healthy Lead-Safe Home

Whether you are planning on renting your home or just want to ensure your property is safe from lead-based paint, we can help. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for your Chestnut Hill property to be tested for lead paint. We can be reached via telephone at 215-284-0086.

Bayhill Environmental is licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and provides lead testing to all of Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County and Chester County and the Southern portion of New Jersey from Princeton to Hammonton.