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Frankford, a neighborhood found in Northeast Philadelphia, was originally a village founded by Quakers and immigrants from Sweden and Germany. Later, the village became a part of Philadelphia. Much of this neighborhood is filled with history, but some of the older historic homes in this area are filled with something else: lead paint. This paint can be dangerous to anyone who lives in the home. The City of Philadelphia has taken steps to protect Frankford residents from this threat.

Understanding Lead Paint Testing Requirements Frankford

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Frankford landlords, property managers, and anyone else who wants to rent out homes in the neighborhood first need to know how old the house is. That’s because older homes are more likely to have lead-based paint. If the structure was built prior to March of 1978, it’s possible that it will contain this dangerous paint. About a fourth of all homes built between 1960 and 1977 used lead paint. The chances of this substance being used in the house increase as the age of the house increases. Eighty-five percent of homes built before 1940 likely have lead in the paint.

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Why Lead Paint Testing Services are Important

Why has lead-free certification become so important? Before December of 2011, it wasn’t. However, due to a nationwide outcry about the dangers of lead paint, the Philadelphia city council joined many other cities in recognizing the dangers lead paint can cause. When exposed to lead paint, even if it’s only dust particles of paint that are free in the air, the toxic substance can enter the body. It can then cause a good amount of damage. This is especially true in children. Young children are still going through the development phase, and any interaction with lead can cause brain damage and permanent learning disabilities.

This is why lead-free or lead-safe certification is now required for any home that was built before 1978 and will have children age six or younger living in it.

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