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Germantown is one of the oldest settlements in the Philadelphia, offering a comfortable and friendly environment perfect for families. There are many historic attractions in this area of Philadelphia plus unique eateries and shopping experiences. Homes in the area tend to be on the older side which can lead to the need for lead-based paint testing. Homes constructed decades ago used materials that can be harmful today, including lead-based paint. Your home may be a danger and you will have no idea until the paint in the home is tested.

Certified Lead Based Paint Testing in Germantown Section of Philadelphia

At Bay Hill Environmental, we offer certified lead paint testing to ensure that your home is safe from this toxic material. High-tech equipment is used to determine if lead paint is present. To begin, we will sweep the home using an XRF gun to locate any lead-based paint. This gun works to detect such paint even if the walls have several layers of paint on them. If we detect lead-based paint, we use a special wipe to gather dust from the home. The wipes are then tested in a lab to determine if the dust is lead paint based. If so, the home is not certified as lead-safe.

Lead Paint Dangers in Germantown

Lead based paint inspection in Germantown section of Philadelphia

Some of the older homes in the Germantown section of Philadelphia are architectural beauties but underneath sometimes coats of lead-based paint hide beneath the surface.

Lead paint is considered toxic, yet this was unknown before 1978. Any home that was constructed before 1978 should be tested to ensure there is no lead-based paint remaining in the home. Even if the lead paint is covered with layers of newer, safer paint, it is still a possibility that the dust from lead paint can contaminate the home. Lead paint can affect individuals in a number of ways, including causing developmental damage in young children. Organs like the brain can be damaged which can lead to learning disabilities or permanent brain damage. Having an older home tested is essential to the health and safety of you and your family.

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Determine If Your Home is Safe

If you live in an older home in Germantown, it is recommended that the property is tested for lead paint. Whether you are a landlord or a homeowner in Germantown, contact us today to schedule an appointment for testing. We can be reached via telephone at 215-284-0086.