Lead Paint Testing in Glenside

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Glenside is located to the North of Philadelphia, and while some consider it a part of the city, it’s technically a census-designated place. Glenside is known for holding one of the largest Fourth of July parades in the area, a tradition that dates back to 1904. A number of the homes in the area also date back that far. These older houses are often sought-after because of their historic looks, but many also contain dangerous lead paint.

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Dealing with Lead Paint in Glenside

Since the Philadelphia city council passed amendments to the city code in 2011, landlords must be aware of whether or not their rental properties contain lead paint. Those who rent out any type of property that was built before 1978, especially if they are renting to families with young children, need to have the property certified either lead-free or lead-safe. This certification does have to be renewed regularly if the tenants change because it’s possible for a dwelling’s status to change over the years. To learn the difference between Lead-Free and Lead-Safe Certification, CLICK HERE.

Bayhill Environmental Is Here to Help

As an experienced lead testing service in Glenside, Bayhill Environmental is here to assist you with all of your lead testing services. We make use of XRF testing guns to determine if there is any lead in the paint. This device can actually detect lead-based paint through multiple layers of other paint, so we don’t have to do anything to the walls or other painted surfaces in the home. If no lead is detected, the home can be certified as lead-free.

If we do detect lead-based paint, we will use special dust wipes to collect samples from various surfaces within the home. These wipes will then be analyzed in a lab to determine if lead dust is present. If it is not, the home can be certified lead-safe.

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