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Historically, the Mount Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia was part of the German Township. Many buildings in the area have Germantown markings with homes in the area having been constructed many years ago. Because the homes in Mount Airy are so old, they can be subject to lead-based paint issues. Homeowners should be wary of lead-based paint and have the property tested to ensure space is safe.

Should I Test for Lead-Based Paint in Mount Airy?

There are several reasons as to why a property should be tested for lead-based paint. Rental property owners need to be proactive and ensure any home they are renting does not consist of this toxic material. The Philadelphia City Council passed a measure in 2011 that amended two portions of the city code regarding lead paint testing. Now, landlords and property managers, along with anyone else who wishes to rent their home must have the property tested for lead paint if it was built before 1978.

Current homeowners and prospective buyers should have homes tested. Current homeowners that are working on demolition projects, or considering a remodeling project will be disturbing old painted surfaces. If lead-based paint is present the dust that rises can be a hazard. For prospective home buyers, any property built before 1978 should be tested before purchase to ensure no lead paint is present.

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Certified Lead Based Paint Testing in Mount Airy

At Bay Hill Environmental, we offer a quality testing process that will determine the status of your property and lead-based paint. We use an XRF gun to check every area of the home for lead-based paint. This gun can detect lead paint in areas that have been painted over with several layers of paint. If the gun detects the paint, we then use a special wipe to remove dust from the surface and have the wipe tested. If the lab test proves lead-based paint exists, the home is them deemed unsafe.

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Lead Testing Fast

When it comes to lead-based paint, this material is toxic and harmful to your health. Young children are especially vulnerable as they can be harmed during the early developmental stages. The brain and other organs of the body are affected which can lead to permanent brain damage in children.

To keep your family protected, contact our office today. We provide quick and accurate testing to ensure that your home is not subjected to lead-based paint. If the paint is found, you can take action to ensure the home is cleared of the toxic material.

Bayhill Environmental can provide a quote right over the phone. We respond quickly to your need for lead based paint testing and can often inspect your property the same or next business day.