Lead Paint Testing in the Olney Section of Philadelphia

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If you live in the Northern Philadelphia neighborhood of Olney, you probably love the fact that this area is fairly quiet. You may also enjoy visiting the unique shops that make up Olney’s small business district, including the Korean and Hispanic businesses that offer unique cultural goods. But were you aware that the gorgeous homes in Olney may also be very dangerous? Lead paint can be found in the walls of these houses, and it can cause a number of health problems.

Olney Landlords Must Have Certified Lead Paint Inspections of their Properties

New regulations passed in 2011 require that all landlords, property managers, and anyone else who rents out their property must have that property certified as either lead-safe or lead-free if it was built prior to 1978. Even exposure to very small amounts of lead paint can lead to health difficulties. This is especially true in young children. Lead paint is toxic when it’s absorbed into the blood. In young children, it can lead to brain damage and permanent learning disabilities. Adults are not safe, either, especially if they are constantly exposed to higher levels of lead.

Need a Lead Test and Certification in Philadelphia’s Olney Section?

If your home was built before March 1978, even if you don’t plan on renting it out, it’s still a good idea to have a lead inspection service such as Bay Hill Environmental come test the walls for lead. This testing doesn’t take long. In most cases, our team of experts can schedule your test for the same day. If we can’t, we’ll still be at your property within a few days.

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Our standard test includes using a XRF gun to determine if lead is in the walls. This device can locate lead even if it’s buried beneath multiple layers of other paint. If the walls test positive, we will use a special dust wipe to gather samples from different surfaces. We will have these wipes analyzed in a lab to determine if any lead was found.

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Testing for lead based paint is quick and cheap. If you need to have lead testing done in your home, call us today for a quote or to set up an appointment. Either click here or call us at 215-284-0086

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