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Living in the neighborhood of Oxford Circle puts you in one of the most interesting areas of Philadelphia. This part of the city was originally a part of Oxford Township, a suburb of Philadelphia before it was incorporated into the city itself. A lot of the homes in this area are traditional brick and stone row houses, which look great. However, due to their age, a good number of these homes have a hidden danger: lead paint.

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Oxford Circle Residents and Lead Paint Dangers

Why is lead paint such a danger? The substance is incredibly toxic if it enters the bloodstream. While it can cause health problems in people of any age, it’s especially dangerous to young children age six or younger. That’s because it can affect the development of their brains. When this occurs, these children may suffer permanent damage and develop learning disabilities.

New Regulations Outlining Lead-Based Paint Testing Requirements

Anyone who owns property in Philadelphia and wants to rent it out must make certain that the property complies with Chapter 6-800 and PM-102.0 of the city code. These chapters outline the requirements for certifying a home lead-safe or lead-free. Any property that will be rented to a family with a young child must have this certification if it was built prior to March of 1978.

Those who haven’t had their property inspected for lead-based paint may wish to have one of these inspections done, anyway, simply so they are aware of the dangers they may be exposed to on a regular basis.

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