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Philadelphia is faced with a significant problem involving the lead contamination of paint in older homes throughout the city. This can pose a problem for property owners who are required by law to have homes inspected to ensure tenant safety.

Dangers of Lead Exposure in Philadelphia Properties-Testing for Lead

Exposure to lead in paint can be a common concern for parents of young children. Merely being exposed to the dust released in a home with lead paint can cause irreversible damage to a child’s development leading to learning difficulties, behavior problems and a lower IQ. Many times the lead paint is hidden underneath several layers of newer paint that have been placed over time. In 2014, Philadelphia’s rate of lead exposure was twice the national average to beat out all other major cities with the same problem.

Ninety-two percent of the homes in the city were built before the national ban on lead paint in 1978. Couple this with poverty more crippling than even the largest cities in the country, and many families find it hard to overcome this uphill battle. Occurrences of lead paint poisoning across the country have dropped significantly over the past 10 years, but the problem is still significant in many of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. In some areas, as many as 1 in 5 children under the age of 6 shows high levels of lead in the blood. The city’s laws affect the way landlords are able to rent out homes that may pose such risks. Those renting to families with children under 6 must have the homes tested by certified inspectors.

Certified Lead Inspection Providers in Philadelphia

If you need one or more of your properties inspected, Bayhill Environmental can test houses, condos, and apartments. Owners of  rental properties are especially being targeted by city officials to be in compliance with lead paint safety and inspection requirements. Bayhill Environmental will utilize special equipment used to detect lead even if it’s buried underneath layers upon layers of paint. Walls, doors, mouldings, window casings and sills are tested.  If lead is detected, then the environment is tested for lead dust. If lead dust is detected, the property is considered unsafe to be inhabited by children age 6 or under. If lead contamination is not revealed, the property can be certified as being in “lead-safe” condition. A Lead-Safe certification is valid for 2 years at which time would need to be reinspected (under current law) if the unit were to be rented to a new family with children 6 or under.

Learn about the Lead Paint Disclosure and Certification Law on the City of Philadelphia’s Public Health section of their websiteCLICK HERE.

Discounts For Multi-Unit Dwelling Inspections

Bayhill inspects dwelling for individual families as well a apartment building owners, property investors and property managements companies. We respond to requests quickly. An inspection can usually be performed within a week or less from the date of the initial inquiry.

Our customers are:

  • Young couples planning to start a family.
  • Families with young children shopping for a home in a neighborhood built before 1978.
  • Property investors who need to know a property is lead-free or lead safe before they purchase or before they rent to a young family.
  • Landlords or property management firms who are compelled by law to test for lead and prove a lead-safe or lead-free environment.

For Certified Lead Paint Inspection, Call: 215-284-0086