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Are you preparing to move into new home are apartment? If it was built prior to 1978, you’ll want to ask the seller or the landlord to provide proof the environment is free of lead-based paint.

Not all landlords are yet in compliance with the lead paint certification laws in Philadelphia. This is largely because the law was previously unenforced!

Certified Lead Paint Inspection

It’s advisable for ALL dwellings built prior to 1978 to be inspected by a licensed and certified lead inspection service for the possibility of lead-based paint, especially in Philadelphia and its nearby suburbs, where entire neighborhoods are riddled with the horrors of lead-poisoned children who will never have a normal life.
Lead is well-known as one of the most toxic substances that can affect one’s health in the home. With prolonged exposure to lead over years or even months the substance builds up in the body. children are at the greatest risk for falling victim to the effects of lead poisoning. The dangers of lead paint exposure are especially significant as they can cause permanent organ damage for those under 6 years of age as well as unborn babies. Symptoms don’t usually appear until levels have become dangerously high or after a lead paint test has already been performed, and they may include developmental delays, learning disabilities, hearing loss, seizures and more. At such levels, exposure can also be fatal.

Lead-based paint in older buildings and the dust it creates are the most common causes of lead exposure for children. It’s common for young children to ingest or inhale substances from their everyday environment, so homes should be as secure as possible to reduce the likelihood of children of this age being exposed. Proper lead inspection testing of the paint in older houses along with particles in the air of these homes is important to detect the presence of dangerous levels of the metal. Only an experienced lead inspector can provide an accurate analysis of the risks in your home.

Lead Paint Laws Already in Place in Philadelphia and New Jersey Are Now Being Enforced

The state of New Jersey and cities such as Philadelphia have updated property laws that require inspections for some homes in order to protect children from lead poisoning. The goal is to protect families with young children against the ravages of lead exposure and ingestion. Property owners who do not comply will face stiff penalties.  If you need a certified lead based paint inspection for selling or renting a house or apartment, or if you are trying to keep your own family safe, you can rely on Bayhill Environmental. With a Bayhill lead inspector, the paint in your home or apartment can be tested for lead with certified lead-safe or lead-free reports.

For a reliable lead paint test, CONTACT US NOW-CLICK HERE FOR LEAD PAINT INSPECTION in New Jersey and Philadelphia as well as the following areas: Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County.