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How Can Children be Exposed to Lead Paint?

Lead paint can be found in homes built prior to 1978 when the use of lead paint was finally banned in the United States. Therefore, Even renovated homes may still have lead paint in them.

Imported toys may have lead paint. Imported furniture may also contain lead based paint. You can find a current recall list provided by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission where, at any given time can be found recall notices on everything from wicker furniture to children’s toys and play jewelry.

According to an article in USA Today more than 2000 water supply systems around the country are said to contain excessive lead levels. Lead contamination can even come from renovations from a neighboring dwelling. If dust containing lead particulates are not properly contained, dangerous levels of toxic dust can travel airborne into an otherwise lead-free dwelling. 

These are just some of the ways children can be exposed to, ingest, and be poisoned by lead.

Testing for Lead Based Paint in Philadelphia

At Bayhill Environmental we don’t test water but we DO test painted surfaces in buildings-homes, apartments, and commercial properties.

All painted surfaces are tested: walls, doors, moldings, window sills, stairs, handrails, and floors.

The only way to determine if lead exists in your home is an inspection by a company such as Bayhill Environmental who provides lead paint testing in the Philadelphia area. Lead Paint in the Home

Your home may contain lead-based paint and be considered lead-safe. This occurs if all of the lead paint has been painted over and encapsulated. However, anytime you break the seal of that paint, you may be releasing dangerous lead paint chips or dust into your home.  Even something as simple as driving a nail to hang a picture can make dust that can harm your child. We have often seen and tested paint dust, positively tested with lead, on the floor underneath baby gates.

Babies crawling on virtually invisible lead paint dust inevitably breathe and put their dust-laden hands in their mouth delivering lead permanently into their bloodstream.

If you plan on doing any type of renovation in your home, you may be releasing lead paint into your home.  The only way to be sure you have no lead paint is for an inspection to be completed by experts such as Bayhill Environmental.

Who is Bayhill Environmental?

For more than 12 years, William O’Donnell has been certified in lead paint inspection.  He renews his training as required so you know he is always up to date on the newest techniques available to keep your family safe.  Bayhill Environmental uses only the most advanced equipment to inspect your home or business.  After the inspection, you will receive a detailed document about what was found.  Call us today to schedule your inspection to keep your children healthy.