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What is a Lead Safe Certificate?

If you own or manage rental properties in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a lead safe certificate is something you need to know about.  New laws in this area state that you must have all properties inspected for lead paint before you rent them to families with children, aged 6 and under.

How to Obtain a Lead Safe Certificate

To get a lead safe certificate for your property, you will need to hire a lead paint inspection company, such as Bayhill Environmental, to inspect and test your property.  This inspection is valid for a period of 24 months.  Lead paint inspections can be scheduled quickly. Contact Us Now!

The inspection company will use special equipment to read lead levels in the walls of the property.  Even if lead paint has several layers of other paint over it, the equipment can still read it.  If no lead is found, a lead-free certificate will be issued.

However, if lead is found, the company will stop scanning the property and begin to test for lead in the dust around the home.  Treated wipes will be used to wipe the walls, floors, doors, window sills and anywhere else that dust may be gathering.  These wipes are then sent to a lab for testing to determine if lead is present in the dust.

If no lead is found in the dust, the property can be declared lead-safe.  If lead paint is found in the home, but no lead is found in the dust, it will still be certified as lead safe, but anyone thinking about renting or who works on the property should be warned of possible contamination if the paint is disturbed, such as by driving a nail to hang a picture.

What you Need to do with the Lead Safe Certificate

Once you have obtained your lead safe certificate, you will need to present it to your tenant, along with the supporting documentation.  After your tenant signs the paperwork, you need to send or fax a copy to the Philadelphia Department of Health.  You are also required to provide them with all materials that are specified in the Landlord’s Guide to the Philadelphia Lead Disclosure and Certification Law.

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