Lead Paint Testing in Wynnfield-Philadelphia

Lead Paint Inspections Service in Philadelphia & South Jersey

Wynnfield, sometimes called The Field, is a diverse area in Philadelphia. This area was a farming community that forms back in the 1600s, but it didn’t become a true community until around the 1900s when many different immigrants moved into the area. This means the houses built here are fairly old. Older homes may look great and have character, but they may also contain lead-based paint. This paint can be quite dangerous.

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What Danger Does Lead Paint Present in Wynnfield?

Lead paint presents a real and present danger to those who live in older homes. If a person inhales lead dust, it can enter the bloodstream, where it becomes toxic. In adults, this can have a number of negative consequences. However, in young children, it can be devastating. Lead affects many of their developing organs, including the brain. Children age six or younger can end up with permanent brain damage and learning disabilities if they are exposed to lead.

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What Can Be Done About Lead-Based Paint?

Landlords who are renting out any home that was built before 1978 in any Philadelphia neighborhood are required by law to have the dwelling testing for lead if a family with young children is moving into it. This has been required since 2011. Even those who have had their property testing before will need to have it re-tested from time to time. Homeowners, especially those planning on selling, may also want to get a lead-free or lead-safe certification. To learn the difference between Lead-Free and Lead-Safe Certification, CLICK HERE.

Bayhill Environmental Provides Quick, Affordable Lead Testing Services in Wynnfield

For those with homes or rental property in Wynnfield, Bayhill Environmental is here to assist you with all of your lead testing needs. We make use of advanced XRF guns to determine if any lead-based paint is present, even if it’s buried beneath layers of other paint. If it is, we use special wipes to collect dust samples from around the home. These wipes are then tested in a lab to determine if any lead dust is present.

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