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The North Philadelphia neighborhood of Feltonville is home to a very diverse population. Immigrants from Korea, Haiti, Cambodia, Jamaica, Mexico, Colombia, and Palestine have all settled in this area. In fact, visitors can hear more than 20 different languages in this neighborhood. But being exposed to many languages and cultures isn’t the only thing you might be exposed to in Feltonville. Many of the older homes in this area have lead paint in them. This substance can be incredibly dangerous to residents.

The Dangers of Lead in Feltonville

Lead paint testing service in Feltonville-Philadelphia

Aging homes in Feltonville are often found to be laden with lead-based paint. Play it safe. Have your dwelling tested by a pro. It’s cheaper than you think.

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Lead is one of the most dangerous substances a person can be exposed to. Lead is toxic if it gets into the blood, even in small quantities. For children, the substance is even more dangerous. That’s because lead can cause organ damage, including brain damage, in young children. This damage can affect their development, leading to permanent damage and learning disabilities.

In the recent past, few people think about lead being present in their rental properties or their home. Today, lead poisoning leads many news stories in Philadelphia and in older neighborhoods around the country. In older houses, lead-based paint was common and considered “top quality,” and for the times, it was. But so many years later, those painted surfaces begin to decay and so does the paint. Even if that paint has been painted over multiple times, the lead can still seep through, become dust, and enter a person’s bloodstream.

Lead Testing Requirements

In 2011, the Philadelphia city council recognized the danger that lead paint posed to residents. They passed Bill 100011-A, a piece of legislation that amended Chapter 6-800 and Chapter PM-102.0 of the city code. These changed outlined the lead-safe or lead-free certification that all landlords are now required to have before they rent out any property that was built before 1978.

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Even homeowners who are not renting out their property may be interested in having their home tested for lead, especially if they have young children. Being able to show this certification to potential buyers can also help sell a home.

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If you’re in need of a lead inspection service in Feltonville, Bayhill Environmental is here to assist you. Our team uses the latest in lead testing equipment to quickly and accurately determine if there’s any danger in the property. We will schedule your inspection as quickly as possible—in some cases, we may even be able to do the tests the same day you call.

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