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When searching for a new home in the Manayunk area of Pennsylvania, you may come across several older homes, exuding charm and style. While these homes are perfect for families and couples, offering sturdy construction, they are also older and may have been subjected to lead paint at one point in time. Lead-based paint testing is a must to ensure that the materials used in the home are not harmful to you or your loved ones. Before purchasing a home or if you already live in an older home that has not been tested, it is important to have the property reviewed by a lead-based paint specialist.

Certified Lead-Based Paint Testing in Manayunk of Philadelphia

At Bay Hill Environmental, we offer certified lead paint testing in order to ensure that you do not have the toxic material within your home. We use only the best high-tech equipment to determine the presence of lead-based paint. An XRF gun is used within the home to locate the existence of lead-based paint. The gun will detect this type of paint in the home, no matter how many layers of paint have been used over the years. If lead-based paint is detected, a special wipe is used to gather dust from the area. The wipes are sent to a lab and tested to determine if the dust signifies lead paint. If tested positive, the home is not safe from lead-based paint.

Dangers of Lead Paint in Manayunk

Before 1978, lead paint was not considered a toxic material. We now know that the paint can be a hazard in the home, damaging the health of everyone inside, especially small children. Developmental damage can occur in small children who are exposed to lead paint, even the dust that remains long after the paint has dried. The brain can be damaged which can lead to permanent brain damage in children or learning disabilities.

An older home should always be tested for lead paint to ensure that you or your loved ones will not be affected.

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Fast Lead Base Paint Testing

If you live in Manayunk in an older home, have your property tested for lead-based paint. Whether you own the home or are a landlord, be proactive and contact us today for testing.

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