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Lead Paint Inspections Service in Philadelphia & South Jersey

Certified lead paint inspection serviceIf you own a home or rental property in Bucks County, it’s very important to ensure that there is no lead paint present in the house or apartment. Thanks to lead testing services from Bayhill Environmental, homeowners and landlords all over Bucks County can enjoy effective, certified lead inspection.

Lead Paint Testing in Bucks County, PA

Lead paint has been illegal since the late 1970s, but homes and apartments built prior to 1978 are likely to still have some lead-based paint in use. New lead paint laws in Pennsylvania require all property owners and landlords to receive a certified inspection if they rent houses or apartments to families with children age six or under. Homeowners with young children, or who plan to have children, should also consider a lead paint inspection to keep young ones safe from the dangers of lead dust.

Repairs and renovations, such as replacing old wooden sashes or mouldings, installing fixtures, or even decorating such as hanging pictures, can cause lead-based paint to deteriorate, flake, and chip off. This can lead dust to settle around the home or get into the soil outside, making it possible for young children to ingest the dust, or for expectant mothers to pass it on to their unborn children. Any level of lead in the blood has been deemed unsafe, as it can lead to nervous system disorders, attention and learning problems, and much more.

Licensed Lead Paint Testing Technicians

Bayhill Environmental’s licensed technicians will conduct a certified, efficient lead testing session, using a special x-ray tool known as an XRF Gun. This allows them to check all painted surfaces of your home to see if any of the layers of paint contain lead. If technicians find no lead-based paint in your property, you’ll be certified Lead-Free and never have to have another inspection. If, on the other hand, the presence of lead-based paint is detected, technicians will conduct a further Lead-Safe Inspection, using specially-treated dust wipes to collect particles from your home and have them sent to a lab for further analysis. As long as laboratory testing doesn’t detect any active lead dust, you’ll receive a Lead-Safe certification. This is valid for two years, or as long as a tenant occupies the unit. If a family with young children moves in after this period, or if you have any work contracted, you’ll need to re-test.

Lead Testing Specialists – Bucks County

Bayhill Environmental can provide a quote right over the phone. We respond quickly to your need for lead based paint testing and can often inspect your property the same or next business day.

We inspect properties for lead paint in Bucks County and the entire Philadelphia area and New Jersey.

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