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Lead paint poisoning is especially dangerous for children.  Because of this, Philadelphia enacted a new law in 2012 that forced anyone (landlords, property management companies) who rented houses or apartments in Philadelphia, built before 1978 to have the property inspected for lead paint and certified as lead-safe or lead-free, before it could be rented to any family with a child, aged 6 or under.

What Do Philadelphia Landlords Need to Know About Lead Paint Testing and Certification?

Philadelphia’s Lead Paint Disclosure and Certification Law can be found HERE. What you need to know is, the testing and certification process is required if a landlord is renting to a family where their is a child age 6 or under. Additionally, upon renter’s license renewal, landlords must prove that they are in compliance with this law.

Good News About Lead Paint Testing and Certification

There’s good news for landlords and property management companies:

  1. Lead Testing and Certification is Not Expensive. In fact, we can give you a quote right over the phone. We’re usually the lowest price around.
  2. There’s multi-unit discounts for our lead paint testing service. You may not need all your properties tested at the same time, but it’s cheaper if you do. Plus, you can get repeat-customer discounts of your a multi-unit client.
  3. We respond very quickly. If you need your lead paint test done quickly, we’re “the guy.” We can often inspect your property the same day or next day. We respond to emails and phone calls quickly.


Philadelphia’s Lead Paint Law

The new laws in Philadelphia were written to protect children from the effects of lead paint.  This is important to children and there families. Now, the City of Philadelphia has made it important to you by imposing fines or revoking your ability to hold a renter’s license. You need to protect your business against lawsuits. It’s the right thing to do.

Bayhill Environmental Testing and Inspection Services

Bayhill Environmental is based in South Jersey and we serve the lower half of New Jersey, and in Pennsylvania, we cover the entire City of Philadelphia, Delaware County, Bucks, County, Montgomery County, and Chester County. Even if you own a single family home or if you’re thinking of buying one, get the home tested for the presence of lead based paint. It’s very important. There is no “safe” level of lead paint exposure. It’s a lethal toxin.